Signum: A Biological Bio-inducer

Signum is a bio-inducer that comprises the latest technologies, which includes the likes of external bacteria protectors, OSMO Protection Technology and Signal Generation Technology. Being a signal generator Signum activates metabolic processes such as nodulation, nitrogen fixation and defence mechanisms against biotic stress in leguminous plants.

It acts of several targets:

  • Bacteria: preparing bacteria to produce the set of necessary signals in infection, nodulation and fixation processes.
  • Plant: predisposing the plant for proper bacteria reception and successful symbiosis and for response in stress situations.
  • Environment: assists nutrient mobility and emission of signals for a good relation with other beneficial micro-organisms, and reducing the aggressive effects of acidity, low temperature and droughts.

Mechanism of Action:

SigNum activates (in advance) the signal exchange between plant and beneficial bacteria in the soil, not only upon recognition of the whole Nod factor family by the plant, but also much earlier when bacteria notice the signal from the plant to produce such molecules. Thus, apart from activating the function of Nod factors, it activates the T3SS system and the activity of extracellular polysaccharides, as the total of determiners currently known in the interaction. It induces resistance to diseases by activating defensive signals and by providing a response to stress, like water deficiency. It induces germination, crop development and nitrogen content thereby resulting in yield enhancement.


Plant-Microorganism Signals and Infection Processes

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