Farm Progress Show 2013 and Visit to Stoller Group

FPS1 LogoOne of the Greatest Agricultural Showcases in the World

 The 60th Farm Progress Show was held this year from the 27-29 August in Decatur, Illinois and MBFi in conjunction with Rizobacter Argentina S.A were proud to be able to partake as international exhibitors at this giant event.

The Farm Progress Show represents a leading outdoor farm show, taking place on just over 30 hectares of field; it provides today’s agricultural producers with an extensive range of information on the latest technologies  and information.









MBFi not only had the pleasure of exhibiting alongside Rizobacter, we were also able to observe field demonstrations and had the opportunity to see some state-of-the art equipment as well as the latest seed and crop product technologies. The show also played host to a variety of livestock and Equine events and marketing seminars. The Farm Progress Show is visited by farmers from all over the world, and it was a privilege for us to be able to experience and partake in such a huge event.

Stoller4Exciting Future for MBFi and Stoller Africa

When the Farm Progress Show came to a close, we were warmly hosted by the Stoller Group who has recently become one of MBFi’s suppliers. Stoller is frontrunner in the development and sales of plant performance products; their mission being to unleash the power of plants through a greater understanding of plant hormones.

It was a great pleasure to visit some of the local farmers who are using Stoller’s products on their crops, and to listen to the outstanding results they have achieved. We were also treated to a tour of the Stoller facility and we were able to sit in on a presentation given on the some of Stollers products. MBFi in conjunction with Stoller Africa hope to be able to bring a range of these excellent products to the South African agricultural industry.

MBFi is excited about the future with the Stoller powerhouse, and we believe that with the Center of Excellence (CoE) planned to be established in 2014, plenty of positive work looks to come from it. Through the CoE we hope to contribute to Stoller’s knowledge and increase our understanding of plants and how we can naturally enhance their genetic potential.


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