Foundation Range

The Foundation Pack Range offers farmers all-in-one seed treatments. These packs contain variations of high quality seed treatment products. A Foundation Pack may include the likes of fungicide, nutritional products, plant stimulants, bacterial protecting agents and top quality Rhizobium inoculants. These products will ensure the best possible foundation is set for your crop, and will assist with plant growth, increased nitrogen fixation, disease control, maximum root development as well as gaining the yield responses you require.

What makes our Foundation Packs stand out from the rest?
Specific Foundation Packs have been tested and developed for individual crops, thereby giving them the opportunity to perform at their best and yield at their maximum. Our products are easy to handle, can be applied using practical methods and boast top quality products. The Foundation Pack Range will assist with:  Disease Control (Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Pythium); Supplement nutrition, thereby reducing the risk of any deficiencies after germination; Increasing germination percentages; Increasing root development (size and quality) and increased nitrogen fixation for improving yields.