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Understanding Hormone Co-Factors

Understanding Hormone Co-Factors and the Role they Play in Maintaining Hormone Balance There are numerous chemicals and chemical systems involved in plant function. Chemicals will either have a specific function or a variety of functions to perform , in order for a plant to function optimally. Plant hormone co-factors refer to agents that primarily assist enzymes during the catalysis of reactions. Enzyemes typically accelerate the rate of reactions; however enzymes too could use a little extra help to promote optimum functionality. Help


Signum: A Biological Bio-inducer

Signum is a bio-inducer that comprises the latest technologies, which includes the likes of external bacteria protectors, OSMO Protection Technology and Signal Generation Technology. Being a signal generator Signum activates metabolic processes such as nodulation, nitrogen fixation and defence mechanisms against biotic stress in leguminous plants. It acts of several targets:
  • Bacteria: preparing bacteria to produce the set of necessary signals in infection, nodulation and fixation processes.
  • Plant: predisposing the plant for proper bacteria reception and successful symbiosis

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