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The Soil Profile

The Soil Profile

The soil profile comprises two or more soil layers called horizons, one below the othsoil-profile-charter, each parallel to the surface of the land. Important characteristics that differentiate the various horizons are:  
  • Color, texture, structure, consistency, porosity and soil reaction
  • Thicknesses ranging from several feet thick to as thin as a fraction of an inch
  • Generally, the horizons merging with one another and which may or may not be showing sharp boundaries

A Horizonmore

Farm Progress Show 2013 and Visit to Stoller Group

FPS1 LogoOne of the Greatest Agricultural Showcases in the World

 The 60th Farm Progress Show was held this year from the 27-29 August in Decatur, Illinois and MBFi in conjunction with Rizobacter Argentina S.A were proud to be able to partake as international exhibitors at this giant event. The Farm Progress Show represents a leading outdoor farm show, taking place on just over 30 hectares of field; it provides today’s

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